Hey there,

      we are Ninnie and Dave

      non-traditional and not the average wedding photographers based in kassel, germany. We are for the love of moments and against the fast living. We are not the loud ones and like more to listen than to speak. We love the moments in between and see the beauty in everyday life, because it's the little things in life that matters most and make the bigger picture. We are very grounded, love and embrace the value of family and friends and gatherings. Our approach is always to give more than to expect and try to make the world a better place. We love the unscripted and unposed and less overthinked life and try to keep things as simple as possible. Drawn to the quiet moments and summer days, the sound of waves and long beach walks. We are pretty nostalgic at heart, happily married, still madly in love and have a pawsome family



      It is all about you

      Oh and to be honest, we think the current wedding market is too heavily focused on branding, marketing and somewhere along the line the most forget that wedding photography is about caring honestly for the amazing couples, we can work with - like you! It is not about being some kind of brand and putting all effort in that, it is about capturing all those wonderful moments that make up an awesome wedding and shoot each wedding with an childs heart because we believe in remarkable love stories that change the world! Therefore we try as often as possible to avoid social media and leave our smartphones aside and dive deep into the moments we share together.

      If you think we are the perfect fit, you want to celebrate an awesome party and you are ready to go a few steps further with us for friggin' unique photos? Then we should definitely get to know each other! #NotYourAverageWeddingphotographer


      We love old school Disney movies like Robin Hood and Songs of the South and binge watch shows like The Fosters, Virgin River, Friends and Dave is an Baywatch addicted. Our all time favourite movie is 'A walk to remember'. We are madly in love with our havanese dogs Nala and Paula and could snuggle all day. We're already have been at Jimmy Fallon Tonight and the Today Show in New York and released an illustrated book called 'Suburban Neverland'. We have mainly the same taste of music, apart from Dave's weird nostalgia 80's stuff. We make an incredible team and altrough we're different on some few things, we're so damn partners in crime every single day!

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