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      from cape cod in new england to the crystal clear beaches of the seychelles, to the beautiful olive hills of the italian countryside in tuscany, we have already traveled and visited exclusive destinations to capture pure love and documented raw and honest memories since 2006. Therefore we tell you here some little secrets that are good to know.


      Never ever let someone tell you what you should do. There’s a lot of tips out there that will help you get some awesome memories, but the most important tip that is above all of them is you should do whatever you want - that simple! You should celebrate love and not traditions. There is no code-of-law and no rules for your big day. You don’t have to cut a weddingcake, wear a white dress or make a first dance. You don’t have to wear fine shoes or have a fancy diner. But if you want so, then you should do it as long as you stay true to yourself and make this day friggin' awesome!


      The last thing you need to do, is worry about your wedding and just be excited for all the awesome stuff you have coming up with. No one will judge you if something goes wrong and believe us this make your wedding one-of-a-kind! If you want, let your family and friends know one thing - to not worry about the photos. We're there with you and capture all the moments. Just turn up some music and let it happen because it is a day for partying after all. It is all about the little moments that happen and it gets you both get used to the camera.


      Yap, weddings are supposed to be nothing but fun! But pastors and registars often think ceremonies are supposed to be serious all the way - Nope! You should totally celebrate your love your way on your day and don’t act like strangers sitting next to each other. How about a chit chat, giggle and having fun, maybe look around behind you and smile while watching family and friends. Oh, and you can hug your love ones after they’ve done a reading or funny quote - stop being formal! Sidenote, unplugged ceremonies are the real deal, because no one ever has taken a good ceremony photo with their phone and it is better if everyone is watching you guys get married. An believe us, some Smartphone Cases are really pretty ugly - you don't want to have them on your pictures.


      Not only for the photos, also through the whole day you don’t have to entertain anyone. Just celebrate that you got f*cking married and have a good time and trust us, you won’t even notice us and the cameras. If you want some relaxed and unposed shots of you guys being yourselves give yourself about 30 minutes and more of shootingtime and yes we know it feels awkward and couple shots can be cheesy. But only at first it feels so. It gets easier pretty quickly especially with us and we’ll make you look awesome - period! By the way, people usually laughing due to the awkwardness and that makes great photos, too! And a second quick photo session in the evening is our favourite and if you can make time to sneak out for 5 minutes when the light is all awesome and some cheers had been made - trust us, those are the best photos ever!


      Doesn't matter if you get married big or small - you get married and that is simply awesome. Keep in mind sometimes less can be more and small weddings are truly the best way to focus on each other and what matters most to your relationship - the love ones! The trend of small weddings finds its way from the States to Europe and is very popular because to the spirit of the time. It is moving away from the traditional weddings towards more freedom, looseness and back to basics and with a reduced number of guests the organization is a lot easier and more creative ideas can be done, too. As you see, small weddings are perfect for couples who want to focus on what matters most at their wedding without having to please everyone and makes it possible to celebrate safely in times of the pandemic.

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